Gilmore Girls stars Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham will happily field any questions you've got about forthcoming Netflix revival A Year in the Life...with one exception: Don't ask which guy Rory should end up with.

The new four-part miniseries, which premieres on the streaming service on November 25, will pick up where the origin show's 2007 finale left off. And while lots can change in nine years, Bledel and Graham told Entertainment Weekly Rory and Lorelai will continue to rely — above all else — on themselves and each other for support.

"The show is sneakily feminist in that it’s always been great for them to have love, but they’re also okay when they don’t," Graham said. "That self-sufficiency is the first strength and that allows them to have these relationships. It’s why we sometimes bristle at: 'What team are you on?' It’s like: It doesn’t matter. Rory’s going to be great no matter what. And I think that’s an underlying message of the show, too."

Bledel said she's happy fans are so invested in Rory's former relationships, and have developed stakes in Logan, Dean and Jess. Still, Rory's got bigger fish to fry, she noted, and holds dreams that extend beyond the perfect wedding dress or ceremony.

"I didn’t even think about [who Rory would end up with]!” she said. “I was wondering what she had accomplished in her career. I wanted there to be a payoff after all her hard work. She set so many goals and had been so ambitious academically. That’s what I wanted to know."

Pick up a print copy of EW tomorrow (September 9) for more, and tell us what you're hoping to see from Stars Hollow 2.0.

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