Lauren Jauregui has never been scared to speak her mind. During her time with Fifth Harmony, the singer opened about about online bullying as well as her sexuality, and over the years has made it very clear where she stands when it comes to politics.

As her solo career continues to blossom, her voice has gotten even stronger. The pop star has participated in women's marches, championed liberal politicians and educated her millions of followers on subjects ranging from environmental regulations to healthcare — all the while encouraging them to get out and rock the vote.

Below, check out 19 times Lauren Jauregui inspired us with her politically charged activism on social media.

  • 1

    When She Encouraged Fans to Vote During the 2016 Election

    On November 8, 2016 the pop star took to Instagram to encourage her fans to vote in the presidential election.

    "Today is a monumental day where we will either as a nation decide to rewind 20 years and side with a poorly qualified, misogynistic, homophobic, racist...OR a well equipped, educated, strong leader who happens to be a woman. There's a very clear choice here for progression, choose wisely," she wrote alongside an "I Voted" selfie.

  • 2

    When She Stood With Standing Rock

    When the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) got re-routed to interfere with the Standing Rock Indian Reservation's water supply, thousands of protesters showed their support to redirect the oil pipeline elsewhere, including Jauregui.

    When president Trump took office, he expedited the DAPL construction, ignoring the pleas of the reservation.


  • 3

    When She Participated in the Women's March

    The singer has participated in the annual Women's March since Trump has been in office, starting with the first event in 2017. She even gave a speech during the most recent protest.

  • 4

    When She Slammed Media Distractions

    While people were whining about who won the Super Bowl in 2017, Jauregui kept her eyes open and pointed a finger at those who were using sports as a distraction about what was going on in the country.

  • 5

    When She Condemned the Administration for Dismantling Environmental Regulations

    The pop star proved she's the next Captain Planet when she condemned the current administration's dismantling of environmental regulations.

    "This is a dangerous fascist era we're in and while we may not feel the effects right now, there are going to be grave consequences for our children and grandchildren," she noted. "It's sad everyone has been dumbed down so much that what celebrities are doing and hooking up with is more important than the fact that our Earth and Democracy are dying."

  • 6

    When She Addressed Racial Discrimination/Police Brutality

    "I'm really sick of watching police hurt/murder innocent Americans with no consequences while our jails fill with innocent poor people," the singer tweeted in 2017 as the racial discrimination/police brutality epidemic continued to rise in the country.

  • 7

    When She Called the President Out for Deporting Children

    Just a few days after calling out our legal system, Jauregui criticized the president for deporting children and expressed her support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — an act Trump is trying to kill.

  • 8

    When She Decried the Consequences of an Obamacare Repeal

    When Trump threatened to repeal the Affordable Care Act, many people spoke up, including the former Fifth Harmony star.

    "If this doesn't scare you or horrify you then I'm not sure what kind of person that makes you. But this is the country we're living in right now," she wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of how much pre-existing conditions would cost if Obamacare was repealed. "This is the country that is and has been an international leader for a while now. We're slaves constantly indebted to the mysterious powers that cause so much destruction in this world..."

  • 9

    When She Celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.

    On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018, Jauregui shared a beautiful tribute to the civil rights activist on Instagram.

    "Thank you for your example. Thank you for your beautifully inspirational legacy of achieving change through persistent organization, intelligence, grace and love," she wrote alongside a black and white photo of MLK. "I’m sorry you were taken so soon by the hands of those that were bitten by your love and hopeful ideals of a future where we are all seen as equal and free. We still have a lot to do in regards to making that future a reality, BUT let this man’s legacy be a guidance toward what we can all accomplish together when we break some rules and stand up to those who stand in the way of the progression."

  • 10

    When She Uplifted Womxn Everywhere

    The 22-year-old celebrated International Women's Day in 2018 with a sweet tribute to womxn everywhere.

    "Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all of the beautiful, fierce, intelligent women that inhabit Mother Earth," she wrote on Instagram. "Happy women’s day to all of the fierce pioneers who paved the way and opened doors to the phenomenal resurgence of the female power we are currently experiencing in the world. To all of the diverse representations of women in the world, trans and masculine presenting women, women who choose their own path in a world that tells them they are the dependent ... May we continue to expand our understanding of our intersectionality and fight for and love one another fiercely as we create this new world together the divine feminine is awake."

  • 11

    When She Remembered Nia Wilson

    On July 22, 2018, Nia Wilson and her two sisters were attacked at the Bay Area Rapid Transit MacArthur station in Oakland. The 18-year-old died after the assailant slashed her throat.

    Three days later, Jauregui paid tribute to the slain teenager and expressed her concerns about racial tension in the country.

  • 12

    When She Defended Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

    In 2018, the country continued to prove its divisiveness when Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh was questioned after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexual assault. The pop star took to Instagram to defend Dr. Ford and call out President Trump for his toxic rhetoric.

  • 13

    When She Recognized Indigenous Peoples Day

    While certain parts of the country have begun celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day on October 8 instead of Columbus Day, Jauregui recognized the holiday and its importance while also admitting it's only scraping the tip of the iceberg as far as reparations for the suffering Native Americans endured due to white colonialism.

  • 14

    When She Urged Fans to Vote in the 2018 Midterms

    November 2018 was one of the most important midterm elections in modern history. Jauregui posted an important message to fans on Twitter a week before the election.

    "If you have the privilege of voting and the ability to get to a ballot, I encourage you to use it to stand up for those who have been silenced by the outstanding suppression," she wrote. "They need our voices the most."

    She also took to Instagram on election day to remind fans to vote.

  • 15

    When She Reprimanded Trump for His California Wildfires Response

    In November 2018, California was devastated by wildfires. Trump's problematic comments struck a cord with many Americans, including Jauregui. She posted quotes about the disaster on Instagram and called out the president, while also sending love and healing to the victims.

  • 16

    When She Mourned Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin

    On December 8, 2018, a Guatemalan 7-year-old girl named Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin died while being held at the border by U.S. border control. Jauregui mourned for her in a post written both in Spanish and English, accompanied by a photo of the little girl.

  • 17

    When She Grieved Jazmine Barnes

    In January 2019, 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes was shot and killed when a gunman open-fired at her mom's car. At the time, it was thought to be a racially motivated attack.

  • 18

    When She Celebrated Cyntoia Brown's Clemency

    In January 2019, Cyntoia Brown was granted clemency after being sentenced to life in prison for killing a man who had purchased her to use her body for sex. She had already served 15 years when the news was announced.

    "Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency and I’m SO GRATEFUL!! To each of you who signed a petition, tweeted, insta'd, did whatever your part was in making Gov. Haslam aware of this injustice, THANK YOU!!" Jauregui wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Brown. "May this be another stride towards the healing of survivors of sexual assault and trafficking and may it be a beacon of hope through the darkness of this country’s injustice system."

  • 19

    When She Denounced Trump's National Emergency

    After partially shutting down the government for an unprecedented 35 days when he failed to obtain funding to build a wall along the United States/Mexico border, President Trump declared a National Emergency in an effort to raise funds for his controversial structure.

    Jauregui did not agree with this decision and voiced her opinion on Twitter. "The only national emergency is that criminal in the White House #ImpeachTrump," she wrote.

  • 20

    When She Slammed the U.S.'s Lack of Gun Control Laws

    In 2017, the singer posed the question: "Where is the logic when gun violence in America is overwhelmingly the fault of no gun control laws?"

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