It's amazing to see just how much gaming has changed over the years. Gaming for me used to be just an escape, something I'd do for an hour then off to something else. Now, gaming is an all day thing. It's something kids, and adults, can get so lost in, and even monetize. I mean, there's even professional gaming.

Well, a lot of places have embraced this, including Amarillo. Across the country, places are opening up and they're filled with PC's and gaming consoles. A place where you can play with others and get lost in the day.

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We have one of those here in Amarillo, and they're getting ready for their big grand opening. Ok, let me rephrase this. They're getting ready for their big grand re-opening.

Legacy Gaming Arena isn't new to Amarillo. They used to be right there off of Western St. They were a part of Legacy Airsoft, but they recently ended their partnership with them and have branched out on their own.

I remember going into that building on Western St and was blown away by what I saw. When you first walked in, there were racing simulators on one side, some PC's on the other side. As you continued walking, you'd enter this massive room that was setup like a sports book in Vegas, or at least it had that vibe.

PC's and gaming consoles setup as far as the eye could see, with a movie projection type screen showing a game someone was playing. It was electric in there, yet so quiet at the same time. I thought to myself, man my oldest would love this place.

AS you can see in their post above, they've moved locations to 800 S. Buchanan, right across the street from HODGETOWN, and while they're currently open, it's a "soft" opening. The grand opening happens approximately a week from now, on April 26.

So what's in it for you? Well, they're going to have food trucks there to make sure you're fed while you game the day away, a raffle to win some cool stuff, and a big Smash Bros tournament where you can win some prizes.

They'll also have some VERY limited deals you can take advantage of, and I mean limited. They've got summer passes available for May, June & July where you get unlimited gaming for those three months for just $149.99. They'll also have passes that take you to the end of the year for just $299.99.

To put that in perspective, it's $30 for an all-day pass regularly. So go in five times on that summer pass and it's covered. That's a smoking deal. The rest of year pass? Only FIVE of those will be available, so you gotta be quick.

Go check out the grand opening! You may just find you new favorite hangout.

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