With all of the celebrity nude photo leaks happening right now, Directioners immediately went into a frenzy when NSFW pictures surfaced online that appeared to show Liam Payne in bed with another man.

Though One Direction frequently deal with gay rumors, they often don't speak out on them. This time, however, Liam took to Twitter to address the photos in question, writing:


Though he clearly denied the images were real, many took issue with his comment, which they felt was tinged with homophobic remarks. Liam then addressed that issue as well, writing:

This is not the first time that the One Direction boy bander has caused controversy on Twitter. Earlier this year, he was under fire after tweeting his support for 'Duck Dynasty' and the Robertson family's "family values."

This is also not the first time that Liam addressed naked photo rumors -- although last time, he clearly started those himself. Remember that seemingly NSFW naked boat pic that actually turned out to be a picture of him in a bathing suit? Such a prankster, that Liam.

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