World Autism Day is coming up on Monday, April 2nd.  It's a day to bring world awareness to those who have autism.  It's also a day to show your support.

How do you show your support on World Autism Day?  You light it up blue!   It's easy to light it up blue.

Here's how you can do that:

Wear blue on Monday, April 2nd to show support of someone you know with Autism.

Put blue lights in your porch lights or the lights around your house and leave them in during the month of April which is National Autism Month.

You can show your support by lighting your profiles up blue.  Click Here to find out how you can add it to your Facebook profile picture.

Ask your employer to join in and light your office up blue.

Odds are you know someone who has Autism.  Several people in my life are on the spectrum.

My son was diagnosed at the age of 5.  It was something I didn't want to admit to myself but it is who he is and he's an amazing kid.  I originally shared my story with you for the first time in 2014, here it is again with updates over the years.

I encourage you to join me and everyone touched by Autism and Light It Up Blue on Monday, April 2nd.

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