Lil Dicky is out here trying to save the Earth one song at a time.

On Friday (April 19), the 2016 XXL Freshman unloaded "Earth," a new song and video that includes help from his famous friends. In the music video for the Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat-produced song, an animated Dicky ventures the globe while expressing his love for every Earth-bound entity in existence. Dicky's love extends to his favorite animals to marijuana and more.

Each living being is voiced by the likes of various artists like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber. Even Kevin Hart makes a cameo by doing his best Kanye West impression. Wiz Khalifa raps as a skunk while Uncle Snoop takes on the form of his beloved weed planet. Later on, Lil Jon appears as a clam, Miguel portrays a squirrel, and Rita Ora becomes a howling wolf.

Dicky doesn't just focus on living animals and plants in his animated video. Lil Yachty comes through to rap as HPV (aka human papillomavirus) while other artists like Tory Lanez, Bad Bunny and John Legend also contribute their vocals to the song.

The purpose of the song seems to shed a light on all the current issues plaguing our planet, like climate change, and embrace all the solutions that people like actor Leonardo DiCaprio have proposed to save the Earth.

Watch Lil Dicky's short, animated film about the Earth below.

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