Lindsay Lohan shows us her classy act again in the form of a ban from the Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Strip after an unpaid bill of over $46,000.  She racked up the bill in the months of June & July but never paid, and now she's not even welcome back to pay the debt created.  On a side note, what the hell was she doing, living at this hotel?  How do you accumulate a bill over $46,000 at a hotel in just under 2 months?  Because I have gots to try it!

TMZ reports on the situation:

Lindsay Lohan stiffed the famous Chateau Marmont hotel to the tune of $46,350.04, and she is now persona non grata.

TMZ has obtained a letter from the General Manager of the hotel where John Belushi infamously OD'd and died ... The GM notes the hotel repeatedly requested payment for the 47 days Lindsay stayed there during the months of June and July ... but LiLo never anted up.

Turns out, Lindsay was indeed living at the hotel and was ordered to evacuate the premises by 12pm August 1st, 2012.

TMZ also obtained a copy of her itemized bill, and I guess when you're a movie star they just don't ask questions.  I'm pretty sure I would have been like "where's my money trick" on the 4th or 5th day.

-- Minibar charges for the 47 days:  $3,145.07. The highest daily tab ... July 1st -- $502.43!!! - That's 1 day!

-- Cigarettes: $686. She blew through 49 packs in 47 days at $14 a pop

-- Chateau Candle: $100

-- Chateau restaurant: On July 4 Lindsay racked up a $1,992.07 bill. On top of that, she spent $685.96 that day on room service

Martha Stewart wasn't impressed.

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