Lindsay Lohan's first post-rehab gig before her sitdown with Oprah airs? Sitting in for Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea Lately.' And she's actually pretty hilarious, charming and self-aware.

Lohan took to the comedienne's news desk and began by poking fun at One Direction frontman Harry Styles, as well as her own groupie escapades with fellow U.K. boy band, the Wanted.

"Harry Styles was on the cover of British GQ, he was questioned by the interviewer about rumors that he’s bisexual with a DJ named Nick," Lohan deadpanned in her smoker's lilt. "I've been there, I have."

We see what she did there.

"He answered, 'We're just friends.' When asked how many people he slept with, Harry said, 'Yes, lower than 50 … you're cornering me, I've only ever had sex with two people.'"

Lilo quipped, "Yeah — he's never hung out with the Wanted, and he's obviously not counting oral."

Someone else who came under Lohan's sharp tongue? (Not literally, of course.) Kristen Stewart, another young Hollywood starlet who potentially went wrong.

Commenting on a recent incident in which Stewart flipped out at paps, Lohan said (via Us Weekly) simply, "I'm just excited that Kristen Stewart, you know, finally showed some emotion ... No, I really do love her. She's awesome. I'm a Kristen Stewart fan."

Still, she added, "I will say this, of course she hates photographers -- they got a picture of her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper."

Get it, La Lohan!

Speaking of child stars gone wrong, you can tune into the preview of Lohan's interview with Oprah for OWN below. As usual, the Big O asks the big questions. Here's hoping Lohan doesn't respond to them with big excuses.

It's looking like she may not. TMZ reports that Lohan is steering clear of alcohol every day that she can, ordering it to be removed from her hotel rooms and even her mom, Dina's, house when she's present. (This brings the "Let God" part make a lot more sense, because goodness knows it would take a non-corporeal being to get liquor away from Mama Lohan.)

Watch Lindsay Lohan's Oprah Interview Preview

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