Happy Mean Girls day! What? Didn't you you know? It's October 3rd!


To celebrate, the not-so-mean reigning Mean Girl herself, Lindsay Lohan, rejoiced on this holiest of holy days by advocating for a proper sequel on Instagram. (No, that ABC Family abomination of a made-for-TV standalone flick that goes by Mean Girls 2 does not count, thank you very much. Okay? Okay.)

Lohan, who played high school heroine Cady Heron in the 2004 Tina Fey-directed teen cult classic, revealed via a very entertaining post to her Instagram today that she is "trying to make [a sequel] happen," sharing the hashtag #MEANMOMS.

The revelation came coupled with a screenshot of a cute WhatsApp conversation between Lindsay and a friend, in which the friend playfully asks Lindsay, "What day is it?" While it takes LiLo a few minutes for the Aaron Samuels reference to sink in, once it does, she seems tickled pink—her Wednesday color, of course. The whole thing is really quite cute.

As for the real-life prospects of a Mean Girls sequel, a Jennifer Aniston-starring spin-off called Mean Moms has been in development since 2014, but there's no word on whether that flick, if it even manifests, will be tied in any way to the original material, or if it will include any of the original cast. Lohan, however, is definitely lobbying for the latter, and we appreciate her for it.

Let's just hope that trying to make a Mean Girls sequel happen will prove more successful than trying to make fetch happen.

PS: Here's a bonus Instagram clip of Aaron Samuels asking YOU what day it is. His hair looks so sexy pushed back. You're welcome.

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