What is going on here?

Lionel Richie's son, Miles Brockman Richie, was reportedly arrested by London police for making a bomb threat at Heathrow airport over the weekend. According to TMZthe 24-year-old model "claimed to have a bomb in his bag, which he’d detonate if he wasn’t let on to the plane."

Witnesses told the website that he became visibly angry when airport security wouldn't let him on the flight, which led to him bomb comment. Then, when more security arrived, he allegedly punched a guard, so the police had to intervene and detain him. He was later released but issued a caution which will go on his permanent record.

Miles, who is one also the brother of model Sofia Richie and half-brother of The Simple Life star Nicole Richie, is a rising model in the fashion industry. He recently got signed to the agency Wilhelmina and made his runway debut at Philipp Plein's New York Fashion Week show last February.

He has yet to comment publicly on the alleged incident, but being the guy who makes bomb threats at an airport is definitely not a good look...

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