When an amazing new place in Amarillo opens, people talk and brag and love the newness.  One of those amazing places opened in my neighborhood a few years ago and it was amazing.

Caketopia was this amazing little bakery with the most delicious desserts and take and bake meals.  I will tell you that the Green Chile Chicken Lasanga was life changing.

Also within those doors was a little company called Mamacita's.  Some of the best hot sauce I have ever tasted.  I remember the first time I had Mamacita's, I was at a remote at Pete's Car Smart.  One of the ladies that worked there (Michelle) came by the table and said "I make hot sauce and would you like a jar".  Of course I said yes, and never regretted that decision.  Then I found out they were operating out of Caketopia and life was good.

Unfortunately,  last night on Facebook Caketopia made an announcement that they are closing their store front.

Their last day will be on June 17, 2018.   But don't worry, you'll be able to still order the amazing cakes and desserts.   The casseroles and catering you grew to love will still be available, but through Bomb City Kitchen, which by the looks of it, it will be in the same location as Caketopia.  Bomb City Kitchen will be offering up other amazing things like coffee, desserts, meal prep, catering and more.  Don't worry Mamacita's fans, you'll still be able to pick up that amazing hot sauce in United Supermarkets.

So in the words of Semisonic, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."     We wish happiness and health for Caketopia, as they begin this new chapter and we look forward to meeting the crew and staff of Bomb City Kitchen and trying some of their amazing meals!


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