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Logan Paul Discusses White Privilege, America’s Racism

YouTuber Logan Paul dedicated his podcast show Impaulsive to George Floyd and opened the discussion for racism in America. In the podcast entitled “America Is Racist,” the content creator talked about his experience as a social media influencer and making his voice heard. Paul also talked about his experience with being white and not understanding what some people go through every day. He dedicated the remainder of the podcast to Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. (via E!

Americans Anxious, Believe Race Inequality Is Going Downhill 

Seven out of ten Americans are struggling with anxiety and believe that the races are divided. 26% of Americans say that their anxiety has increased and 43% say that they are nervous to a certain extent. However, three out of ten Americans say their anxiety has stayed the same. Regarding race issues, 68% believe that there is inequality and 23% say they do not see a difference, even after current events. (via Study Finds

Jay-Z Dedicates Newspaper Ad To George Floyd 

Musician Jay-Z purchased a number of full-page dedications for George Floyd from newspapers around the country. The ad includes a quote from Dr Martin Luther King’s 1965 speech in Selma, Alabama. The full page ad will be in newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and more. (via Cosmopolitan)

How To Continue Self-Care During These Times

Many people are struggling to cope with what is happening in our country right now. It is difficult to stay strong and care about yourself when there are injustices happening all around the world. To make sure you are staying on top of your mental health, here are some things to look out for: Make sure you are eating, going to bed at a reasonable time and taking a breather when you need. Do not be ashamed to feel angry, sad or fearful. Find ways to educate yourself or ask questions. Recognize who cares about you and who supports you. Celebrate African American history and show your pride. (via Vice)

‘The Real’ Star Amanda Seales Is Leaving the TV Show

After six months of being a co-host on The Real, Amanda Seales revealed she did not renew her contract and will not be returning for another season. Seales says she did not feel she could be her true self on the show and felt she could not speak her opinion. Seales claimed there was no animosity between her and the other co-hosts, but wished she could have had a voice and respect. (via People)

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