While Logic has kept things on the serious side for his most recent performances, the Maryland rapper is back in his lyricist bag for his new track "44 More." The record is a followup to his "44 Bars" song from the 2016 mixtape, Bobby Tarantino, which sees the artist spitting some more intense rhymes.

The new track is produced by 6ix, who also previously produced the original "44 Bars," and finds Logic tapping into his braggadocious side as he boasts about his place in the rap game. He also opens up about family issues, and directly addresses some of the haters and critics in the industry that have spoken against him and his success.

"I done made 20 million dollars (preach)/I don't flex to be acknowledged (preach)," he raps. "At this point it's common knowledge (preach)/All you haters been abolished (preach)/You in the club throwin' dollars, but I'm savin' mine so my kids go to college (preach)."

It's becoming more rare that fans get to see this side of Logic, but it looks like he's still got his lyricism down pat. The new track also follows in the footsteps of his award-winning Everybody album, which has been met with tons of high praise from the music community over the last year.

At the moment, the "Black Spiderman" entertainer is even tapping into the world of Hollywood, having finished his first movie script as well as a novel.

Listen to Logic's "44 More" track below to hear his follow up to "44 Bars" from 2016.

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