A new survey by Careerbuilder reveals that 20% of employers think workers are only productive for 5 hours a day. Read on for other findings.

I have actually done the math on this before. This is pretty accurate.

  • 50% of employers say worker smartphones and texting are to blame for their lack of productivity.
  • 82% of workers keep their smartphone within eye contact at work.
  • only 10% of workers say their smartphone decreases their productivity at work

Biggest Productivity Killers At Work:

Cell phone/texting: 55%
The Internet: 41%
Gossip: 39%
Social media: 37%
Co-workers dropping by: 27%
Smoke breaks or sneak breaks: 27%
Email: 26%
Meetings: 24%
Noisy co-workers: 20%
Sitting in a cubicle: 9%

Co-Worker's smoke breaks used to anger me a bit. I don't smoke. I would watch my co-workers that do go out 3 to 4 times a day to smoke. At 10 minutes a smoke, that adds up pretty quick. I figured out that people who take smoke breaks at work actually worked nearly a WEEK less over the course of the year over those who don't smoke.

I may start smoking.