Lorde switched things up at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards tonight (Sunday, August 27). Instead of actually singing her song, "Homemade Dynamite," she performed a choreographed number to the track flanked by a crew of dancers.

Dressed in an aluminum-like strapless mini with pants and kicks, she looked a little '80s prom queen as she placed a cassette tape into an old school boombox by her feet. Once the music started, the crowd noticed everything but her lips moving.

The contemporary dance was smooth yet quirky and showed off Lorde's silly personality—something that we didn't get as much of with Pure Heroine. Although we're sure it threw off many of the people in the crowd, as well as some of us sitting at home, Khalid and Hailee Steinfeld were grooving to it while Alessia Cara was singing along to the track.

Despite what you may have felt during Lorde's performance, this was definitely a big moment for this year's MTV VMAs.

The singer-songwriter, whose new album, Melodrama, was released on June 16, is also nominated for two Moon Persons: Best Editing and Artist of the Year.

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