I am going to start off by saying, my heart is a bit broken today. It's been seven days since I've seen my cat Lemmy.

On Tuesday night February 20th, I went to bed and I remember Lemmy cuddling up on my stomach for some scratches before I fell asleep. I remember him jumping on my bed about 3 am and kneading my shoulder and trying to crawl under my hair. He hung out with me in the bathroom on Wednesday morning while I was doing my hair and putting on my make up. I scratched his head as I was heading out the door and that is the last time I have seen my cat.

We have a big backyard and he goes outside, but never leaves the backyard.  However, with that said, we have quite a few strays that come into the back yard and are mean.  These strays love to fight with my cats. My older cats hold their own, but Lemmy, he's still little and was still training with his big brothers on how to cat fight properly. So my fear is he was cornered and ran for his life and took off to a safe place.

He hasn't come back. The same thing happened a few months ago, but he came back 16 hours later. It's been 7 days. No sign of Lemmy.

I have posted on Facebook on the lost pet pages. I have posted to my Nextdoor app for the neighborhood. I check the pound every single day. However, no Lemmy.

I have put the litter box outside with some of his favorite things, hoping he will find his way home.

I don't want to let my mind go to the dark side, but it is possible he was hurt and ran off to pass on. It's possible someone found him and thought he was so cute they kept him.  It's possible he's crossed that rainbow bridge and I will never know.  But I don't want to believe that, I want to believe that he will come home.

He did have on a collar with a name and contact tag, he also had his vet rabies tag on his collar. He's micro-chipped. I thought I covered my bases and was being a responsible pet owner by having all of those things in place.

I will say the one thing I failed on was his surgery.  He wasn't neutered yet, he was actually supposed to have that done in a few weeks. I'm told he may be out sowing his kitty oats, because it is that time of year and that when that season has passed he'll find his way home. One can only hope.

He's just missed terribly by me, by Josh, by E and most of all by his brothers Astro and Indy. They missed their wrestling buddy.

So if you have seen this little fella, I would love to know. We just want him home and waking us up at 3 am in the morning wanting to cuddle and chew on our ears.

Photo Courtesy of Lori Crofford
Photo Courtesy of Lori Crofford

Lemmy went missing in the Western Plateau area. He's  7 1/2 months old. He's got a half/mustache and goatee patch on his little face. If you happen to see him or you have found him, please feel free to reach out to me.

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