Getting the kids ready for back to school can be tough.  Let's face it, when summer comes we don't want to think about back to school, but, when it comes to getting ready for back to school sometimes it is best to start early.

I am notorious for starting back to school shopping in June.  I do this because I don't want to have to have a chunk of money come out of my bank account at once.

I watch sales online like a hawk at the end of June because a lot of places online will have some killer sales.   If you have younger children, then I suggest keeping an eye out on The Children's Place, they have some of the best jeans and you can usually get great deals on those jeans.  I check weekly starting at the end of June for their sales and usually get jeans for under $7 per pair.  Like I said they are really good jeans that last.  Plus, they usually have some great deals on shirts as well.  In fact, they have a great sale going on right now.

I continuously check sales at Old Navy, Kohl's, JCPenney and other online retailers.  You can usually find great sales and as a bonus search for coupon codes and save even more.  I found a great pair of shoes that E has been wanting on sale for under $30 and bought them for Back to School.   As a bonus, I has a coupon promo code I found, and just had them sent to the store so I didn't have to pay shipping.  Join these stores rewards programs and get additional savings on occasion.

Plus, if you do your shopping online, you don't have to deal with crowds.  However, you do have to know your child's size.  However, this doesn't work well if you have a child who is picky about their clothes and they have to try on everything.

As for school supplies I honestly shop the week after July 4th.  Not only will you have the top picks for all the supplies (i.e. folders, dry erase markers, pencils) they don't really cost any more than they do closer to back to school.  Most of the time, last year's school supply list is the same list.  You might have to pick up a stray item or two but shop early and you won't have to deal with the crowds or the frustration of supplies being sold out.  However, if you go this week, you still have a great chance of getting all the supplies you need for your kids.

I have a few more items to get to help E get ready for Back to School, he still needs some t-shirts and shorts, and a back pack, but for the most part we are done with back to school shopping.

Do you have any great tips for saving money on back to school shopping?


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