It's an ethical dilemma that doesn't happen often: what do you do when you find a lost wallet?

That's the question posed in this video, in which one man drops his wallet to see what people walking by do.

A young man with a prosthetic leg stumbles on the wallet and appears to go on a small shopping spree, but all is not as it seems.

Once he's approached, the man explains himself and shows his intentions were noble.

We hate to play cynic here and ruin a nice moment, but there are a couple of things that seem fishy.

First, why didn't he take more immediate action to get the wallet back to its rightful owner? Losing a wallet is a big deal and the person who lost it would want it returned, pronto.

Second, would he actually go to the other man's house? Wouldn't he have called police?

Third, how did he not know he was being followed? Wouldn't he have looked back at some point and realized he was seeing the same person or persons behind him?

Yes, those are some valid questions, but if this video is authentic, then kudos to the guy for giving back the wallet and proving Good Samaritans are alive and well.

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