Madonna kept her promise to offer a clean show during her Super Bowl XLVI halftime performance. It was not oversexed or even PG-13 rated, which could have been expected, since Madge has been known to demonstrate a flair for the erotic throughout her career.

However, one of her cohorts, rapper M.I.A., who appears on Madge’s new single ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’,’ chose to flip off the camera during the performance. She gave the finger. Flipped the bird. Offered a one-finger salute. It took place during her solo rap on the song. Bad girl!

M.I.A. has built her reputation on being a provocateur and for being a bit of a cultural lightning rod, somewhat inflammatory and anti-mainstream, which is why we were surprised that she would collab with someone as mainstream as Madge and participate in something as massive as the Super Bowl. The fact that she gave the finger to the camera did not surprise us, though. She likes to shock people.

It was a quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it flash that could have gone unnoticed if things like YouTube and DVR didn’t exist. (Thanks TheFW!)

Since this little non-verbal gesture is likely to be the subject of plenty of chatter tomorrow and beyond, we’re wondering if Madge is pissed that M.I.A. pulled a stunt like that since it was her show. Or she could have loved it, since she is always one to defy convention.

Watch M.I.A. Flip the Bird to the Camera