More information about the circumstances surrounding Mac Miller's tragic death have been revealed over the last week. As previously reported, police were first alerted to the situation when Mac's male friend called 911, and now, the audio has been released.

The clip, obtained by TMZ today (Sept. 13), a distraught man can be heard speaking to the 911 operator through tears. When the operator asks when the last time the caller spoke to Mac or saw him, the caller responds, "Yesterday. Please hurry!"

In the short clip, the operator also asks the caller where he found Mac, if it was on the bed or the floor. The unknown friend then breaks down hysterically crying, and the audio cuts out shortly later. The operator can then be heard saying "They got him," likely in response to police arriving at Mac's San Fernando Valley, Calif. home.

Mac Miller passed away last Friday (Sept. 7) at the age of 26 of a suspected overdose. Police are waiting for the full toxicology reports to return before they declare his exact cause of death, but it was also revealed today that they believe he was already deceased for some time before the unknown friend found him.

In the hours before, Mac had been on Instagram Live, playing around on his piano producing music. This week, a vigil attended by thousands was held in Pittsburgh's Frick Park in honor of the late rapper, who skyrocketed to fame off of his debut album Blue Slide Park was named after the park's slide. There's now a petition to have the park renamed after the 2011 XXL Freshman. 

The audio, though difficult to listen to, is below.

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