A man named Frank Bates, out of a small town in Tennessee, claims he has a secret of how to beat the electric companies.  He claims he is going to "expose the electricity monopolies and government agencies for what they really are... Incompetent, lying crooks who are counting on your ignorance and fear to keep your electric and heating bills criminally high."  If your tired of watching your electricity bills sky rocket, he says he has the secret, a trick he say's "could get him in serious trouble."

He claims rising power rates was a plan by Obama and the "big energy monopolies" have been trying to "hide the truth."  Claiming the highly increasing power rates was all a part of the plan.


Some would call it a “conspiracy.” Others have called it a massive “cover up.” And even more alarming, this conspiracy runs all the way to the top. You are being played like a puppet!

I know you may be a bit skeptical, but it’s true, and I’ll prove it to you. Keep reading this short letter and you’re gonna be shocked!

He then goes on to say that he can help you cut your power and heating bills by up to 75% and he even tries to make it sound all conspicuous by saying:

Before we get started, I need to warn you that I don’t know how long I’ll be able to leave this site up. Because this webpage contains a lot of information that the big power companies (and their “lap dogs”, the government regulators) don’t want you to know.

He goes on to tell his lame story, but we won't get into that, let's take a look at this crazy "power saving plan" that may help us all, or prove him to be a nut that's just trying to make money.

After exploring alternative power sources like generators or solar power and even coal power, he claims to have stumbled onto "the secret."

"That’s When I Discovered 'The Secret'
That Changed Everything For Me..."

I met Brian Clark, an underground solar power expert who has built power systems all over the world that are completely “off the grid.” He showed me how to “crack the solar code” and build my own powerful, independent power system for a fraction of what those big companies were trying to charge.

He even showed me where I could get all the information I needed to build my own wind power system so I would be covered no matter what happened. Not only does this guy know everything there is to know about generating power, he’s also a stand-up guy who has personally built hundreds of solar panels and taught people all over the world how to build their own independent power systems.

Well, you’d better believe I didn’t waste any time sitting this guy down, and picking his brain about everything he knew. And what he told me blew my mind!

He told me that as recently as a few years ago, average folks like you and me didn’t have access to solar cells or hard-to-find electronic components. But now, with the rise of online vendors and sites like eBay, anyone with a valid shipping address can buy whatever materials they need to build a solar panel that rivals any commercial panel in performance and durability for a fraction of the cost!

"Brian Showed Me Where To Get The Materials I Needed At The Best Prices, And Walked Me Through The Whole Process Of Building My 'Home Power Plant' Step-By-Step!"

I couldn’t believe that someone like me, who had barely picked up a set of tools since high school shop class was able to build my own home power system from start to finish!
But the best news of all? From the very first month I had my system up and running, I started to see my electric bill go down for the first time ever. And it just kept getting better!

Once I got my wind turbine set up, the numbers just kept going down! And when I really got going and added a solar water heater? Well, I don’t have to tell you, it made me feel great to be able to tell the oil company: “Nope, we don’t need our oil tank refilled this month… maybe next month.” (or not!) I really got a charge out of using simple ideas and a little ingenuity to “outsmart” the power company who thought they had me over a barrel not to mention the big corporations who had tried to rip me off for solar and wind power!

After some research, I found that this guy really isn't full of it.  With enough effort, you really can go "off the grid" so to speak.  You can become self sufficient and generate your own power and this guy even has a secret on how to build your own wind generator, which would be perfect where we live, for less then $200 in material!

However, this guy is trying to make money with what he calls the Patriots 4 Patriots system.  Manuals and DVD's that give step by step instructions on how to build solar power generators, wind generators and more.  And how to save money doing it!  It's a small price to pay, but the knowledge is worth the money if your afraid of an economic melt-down or a society collapse.

Learn to build and install your own system, how to choose the right materials, find the right sites and more by checking out the system on the website Patriots4Patriots.

Maybe the guy is kind of a lunatic, I mean really, Obama is responsible for raising electricity prices?  Come on give our president a break, he's not a freaking communist.

But on the other hand, the guys heart is in the right place by making this information available to the world.  So if this is your cup of tea, drink it up!