What a sick individual.

A man in Michigan could be in trouble with the law after he was seen on camera smashing a small bird in a pet store.

This all happened after the store refused to give the man back his $30 for the bird, which was already injured.

The Critter Pet Shop owner tells FOX 26 that they offered the man an in-store credit, but when he didn't get his cash back, he smashed the bird that was in a box.

As you can see below, the man who appears to be very angry, smashed the box while it is on the counter, then places it on the floor and proceeds to stomp on it.

He is then confronted by an employee in the store, then leaves. The man who comes out from behind the counter is visibly shaken up by what he just witnessed and rightfully so.

Who does this to innocent animals when he/she doesn't get their way? Apparently, the answer is this guy in the video below.

Luckily the disturbing incident was all caught on camera and now police are looking for this man.  

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