Mariah Carey set out for redemption on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (February 15) with her first live performance since a shaky New Year's Eve set that left TV viewers dumbstruck. And all things considered, it's safe to say Mimi is back.

The elusive chanteuse performed "I Don't,' her latest single that features YG, for Kimmel's crowd, and seemed poised, confident and completely sure of herself. "Cause when you love someone / You just don’t treat them them bad / You messed up all we had," Carey crooned over the track, likely a statement about her split from ex-fiance James Packer.

Carey said in a Facebook Live Q&A earlier this month that "I Don't" doesn't necessarily point to an album, and that she's excited simply to launch new songs as they come to her.

"I’m gonna be doing singles because it’s more fun for me to just write singles and not focus totally on doing one whole album," she said. "It seems like a lot more fun to just sit down, write a single, collaborate."

She added that those who are into her latest track's YG feature should expect more cameos from coming work.

"I’m working on another song [right now]," she said. "It’s a secret project with a friend of mind that’s an incredibly talented artist. I’m not gonna say his name, but you’ll hear about it soon and we’re going to be working on the video soon."

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