Tis the Season to be skanky, or at least that's what Mariah Carey thinks. She and Justin Bieber just released their video for "All I Want For Christmas" and there were a lot of interesting things going on.
Now we are all use to Mimi prancing around in sexy little outfits, but in my opinion she took this video a little too far. She is now a mother and Justin Bieber isn't even 18 yet. All I Want For Christmas is a remake of Mariah's 1994 hit of the same name. It is a good song for Christmas and has a fresh take on it.

Here's the breakdown.  The entire video takes place inside of a department store, which we later learn is MacysMariah is wearing a skimpy little Santa outfit, posing and singing seductively into the camera.  While all this is going, the Biebs and some of his friends are dancing around the store "doing some shopping."  At the end, the two get together for some flirting and gift giving.

There are a few things that they want to make sure your see:

1.  Mariah Carey's butt

3. They are at Macys

So know you know.  The mother of twins has lost her weight and gone back to her skanky ways,  Justin Bieber likes older women, and Macys not only has Mimi and Justin products, but they also sell the Nintendo 3DS.

Here's the video.  Tell me what you think.

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