So much of the scuttlebutt around movies is usually half-truths. Three weeks ago we reported that Mark Wahlberg might be up for 'Transformers 4.' The next day it was denied. But now it looks like Wahlberg has been confirmed for the movie by the director himself.

This was put up on Michael Bay's own website, but the news has crashed the site. Variety has also confirmed it. Credit them must be given to Twitchfilm for breaking this news. It's likely that the story was denied because it put contract negotiations into a different (and possibly difficult) position for everyone involved. But filmmakers aren't politicians, and so lying about stuff like this is par for the course.

And it makes sense on a number of different levels. Bay and Wahlberg just worked together on ‘Pain and Gain‘ and if the duo enjoyed their time together on that film, having an actor who likes you and doesn’t sabotage you in the press (read: Shia LaBeouf) would be a welcome relief. And this would be good for Wahlberg as his films tend to make money, but he doesn’t have a franchise under his belt (something he tried to get going with David O. Russell when both were considering adapting the video game 'Uncharted'). Appearing in a film that’s guaranteed to make over a half a billion worldwide (and could easily make a billion) would give him some more breathing room on top of a very fat paycheck.

'Transformers 4' is due out June 27, 2014, and with Wahlberg signed expect more casting news soon. We now also have a logo, check it out:


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