We need to get real about mental health.

Growing up in Amarillo you become painfully aware of... well, the unawareness in this area.

When it comes to mental health in the Panhandle, we are doing it all wrong. We don't need to be told there is a mental health problem in our country, the number of school shootings tells us that. We know we know there is a problem... but how are we handling it?

It is easy to say that people who commit suicide are "selfish" and mothers that kill their children while suffering from postpartum are monsters. But there is a good chance that they are living their own hell on earth. There is a good chance their mind as failed them and they have lived undiagnosed because someone has passed them off as crazy or over dramatic.

I have heard horror stores from loved ones who struggle with depression, anxiety, postpartum depression etc, about things people have said to them when addressing their mental illness.

"Life is hard for everyone, why can't you handle it like everyone else?"

"You just need to look on the bright side."

"You just need to have more faith."

The list goes on and on... Having a chemical imbalance is real. Just because you have never experienced something doesn't mean it is not happening.

The Panhandle needs to challenge the process of how we handle people with mental illness. Before you try and "fix" the problem just remember that you can't fix it... but you may be able to help. Before you talk to a loved one about their struggles check out these helpful articles.

If you yourself struggle with mental illness, you are not alone. You are loved and needed. You are not broken and have so much to offer this world. Here are some great resources for you.

If you don't see a resource that matches your struggle please reach out to us, we would love to find you the help that fits your life.


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