The King of Pop and its crown prince --that'd be the late and much-missed Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber -- collaborated on a song called 'Slave 2 the Rhythm,' and it's almost too much pop awesomeness to handle. You'll be left clutching that ticker in your chest, since it sounds exactly like what you'd expect a Jackson-Biebs collabo to sound like.

It's an uptempo, upbeat dance track that is opened by Bieber's verse. It boasts a layered harmony in the chorus before Jackson kicks off the second verse. Their voices are similar and complementary, but we didn't need to tell you that.

Everything builds up to the latter third of the song, which is the kind of track that invites you to dance until you are soaked in sweat or until you've worked off five pounds. It's a song meant to accompany physical exercise like dancing or working out.

We love the patented Jackson "Woahs!" that are sprinkled throughout the song, too. It reminds us of his greatness, and how Bieber has been groomed to take his place.

Can you say "powerhouse?"

The collision of two icons from different generations really made us miss and yearn for the days when Jackson reigned supreme and asserted his dominance over the pop music landscape. It also made hope that The Biebs gets his ish together and so he can focus on what's important, which is the music.

The track was reportedly recorded before Jackson's death in 2009. Have a listen below!

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