Mike Posner visited the PopCrush offices to sit down for an exclusive interview where he addressed all sorts of topics. During our revealing chat, Posner said a lot, so settle in for the next five minutes and get the scoop about Posner's new album 'Pages' and more, from the amazing artist himself.

Posner could not confirm the release date for his new album, but he did reveal that it's called 'Pages' for a specific reason. You'll find out what that is in the interview, so watch!

He also explained the inspiration behind the song 'The Way It Used to Be,' which he hoped would capture the yearning you feel about the one who gets away, romantically speaking.

When discussing 'Pretty Damn Good,' the soft-spoken Posner also revealed that he was at the point where he almost gave up on music -- we're glad he didn't!! He did share why he felt that way and what pulled him out of that plan.

Posner talked about how meditating helps his songwriting and other aspects of his life. He also told us how he feels about Taylor Swift, too.

We told ya it was a revealing chat.

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