Miley Cyrus has broken her silence on the sickness that caused her to be hospitalized and to table the final remaining dates on her Bangerz Tour, which, mind you, have already been rescheduled. Cyrus went on air with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show to set the record straight, to reveal that she was allergic to a medicine in the penicillin drug class and that it was like she was slowly poisoning herself.

Cyrus also said she was not playing hooky and it was misery being off the road and away from her Smilers. There were rumors that she was looking to end the tour early or that she had a larger issue. But she cleared up the nonsense and rumors.

"Basically, I had gotten sick while I was out on the road, and it was nothing compared to what ended up happening," Cyrus said. "Everyone had this ongoing little cough thing. I got medicine, I had to cancel a show, and I felt like I had a flu/cold situation. They gave me some medicine, I was on it for five days, everything was all good."

But it didn't stay all good.

"On the sixth day, it was so scary. I woke up, and when you are allergic [to something], you are poisoning yourself. I was poisoning myself with something I didn't know I was scary allergic to. It was so scary. I am not someone that wants to lay down and get 100 percent better," she continued.

It turns out that Cyrus was in the hospital and released, and she was ready to do her show. But she had a relapse and had to return to the hospital. She'd be fine for a few hours and then have another insane reaction. That had to be terrifying for her.

Ultimately, Cyrus begged her doctors to let her do her show, but they kept her in the hospital. She never imagined it would be for five or six days. She also didn't know she was allergic to this drug and only found out after taking it, which makes sense.

"At one point, they had me on so much stuff, that made me not in pain anymore, I'd feel good," she said. "[I'd say] 'I feel good, so can I go? Can I get back onstage?' That was the hardest part." She affirmed she was not playing hooky and it was majorly boring to be away from the stage.

The one good thing about this situation? It gave her a new respect for kids who have to deal with illness and disease and who are forced to spend much of their lives in the hospital. It made her want to visit sick kids more, which is great.

Cyrus passed time by shopping online, since her sister brought her Blu-rays of 'The Shining' and 'Clueless,' but the hospital was not equipped for that format so she could not watch them. Instead, she made questionable purchases, which she chalked up to the meds.

Other tidbits from the interview and her hospitalization? Cyrus went on her first ambulance ride, got on a medical airplane from Kansas City to L.A. and had nurses tend to her at home, since she wanted to be there with her dogs. She is no longer hooked up to an I.V., but she ate a LOT of Cracker Barrel while holed up.

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