Miley Cyrus always had this beautiful look and now she's just killed it!  Her long, dark, flowing hair above those smokey eyes, wowza!  She was a cutie!  I always say, do what makes you feel good, and Miley, if this new haircut is making you feel good, then have at it girl!

Sometimes, a new and drastic change is exactly what we need.  It's good to stir the pot sometimes.  Miley has stirred the pot, and dumped that goulash all over the place!

Her hair is as short as a boy's hair, and bright blonde!  This is going to take some getting used to for my eyes...

NY Daily News reports:

Never felt more me in my whole life,' the singer and former Hannah Montana tweeted to her legion of fans, along with a picture of her new ‘do.

Her new hair-do is definitely an attention seeker!  But I'm an attention whore too, so I can't say anything.
But her and that dude sure do look alike!