Normally, the Laundromat is no place for glamour. You schlep on down to the local establishment, usually in sweats, throw a week’s worth of clothes (or more) into rinse cycle, read some mags, wait 20 minutes, then throw the wet duds into the dryer and wait for ‘em to dry.

Well, teen queen Miley Cyrus enjoyed turning the local Laundromat into the setting for cute and retro, easy glam photo shoot.

Cyrus’ sister Brandi tweeted photos of  herself, her sister and a friend while they goofed around amidst washing machines.

Miley, wearing a yellow Beatles tee that looks like something you pick up at Urban Outfitters, baggy boyfriend jeans in a light wash, moccasins and her hair in loose waves, looks like the epitome of laid back, Cali girl beauty. She’s so effortlessly disheveled and stylish at once. The layers of orange necklaces and rings up the glam quotient, but she remains cool and hip. The shot of her applying lipstick also laces the “shoot” with stripped-down, model-like energy.

Only Cyrus and her girls could make the doldrum task of washing clothes look and feel stylish. Well, make that Cyrus and one Lady Gaga, since Gaga was photographed in priceless couture in a laundry facility in the January 2012 issue of Vanity Fair. Miley’s shots are much more real life and could veritably be used for a promo spot of a TV show where Miss Miley plays a hometown gal.

Brandi tweeted: “Just hangin at the laundromat with @mileycyrus and Denika Doll.” Just hangin’ looks like an awful lot of fun.

Brandi also tweeted that the photos are the real deal and totally legit. No CGI help here. She posted: “It may look like a photoshopt, but we were legit doing laundry.”

Right, doing laundry and modeling. All in a pop star’s day!



Miley Cyrus

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