Miley Cyrus is apparently impressed with friend Shawn Mendes' latest shirtless campaign for Calvin Klein.

The pop star recreated the image, sharing a side-by-side of their photos on Twitter. She captioned the image with a joke first made by Lady Gaga about her friendship with Cyrus in 2003, suggesting that she's a bad influence.

"Don't leave your children with Miley," she joked.

Cyrus appears topless in the picture, originally posted to her Instagram Story. She's wearing nothing but white Calvin Klein boxer briefs, just like Mendes in the photo. Both she and Mendes have hearts over their nipples to avoid triggering the censors on Instagram by breaking their posting guidelines.

Mendes has been spending a lot of time with Cyrus in recent weeks. The pair collaborated at the Grammy Awards, performing a duet of his hit song "In My Blood." Before that, they performed Dolly Parton's "Islands In The Stream" at a Hollywood event. Speaking on their collaborative efforts, Cyrus said she reached out to Mendes about possibly working together.

"I actually sent him a DM and said, I don't know what you're trying to do next because I've actually been in this position in his career too before, where you're someone who is trying to fit into pop music...but you don't want to be conformist and you want to do your own thing," she told Variety. "I love the way t hat he always kind of plays alternative pop because it's something that I love to do."

It appears the pair have become relatively good friends in their work together.

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