The Mind of Jake Paul premiered on September 25, and the eight-part docu-series has garnered quite the buzz (both good and bad) throughout the YouTube community. But if you're still not quite sure of what it's about (or who Jake Paul or Shane Dawson even are) then have no fear—we've got your back.

Here's everything you need to know about The Mind of Jake Paul.

Who is Shane Dawson? 

Shane Dawson is one of the OG YouTubers. The 30-year-old is an author, sketch comedian, actor, film director, musician, and one of the first people to rise to fame on the video-sharing platform. For the past few years, the creator has focused mostly on docu-series and conspiracy videos. His channel, shane, is one of the most-subscribed-to channels with over 17.8 million subscribers.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is one of YouTube's most notorious creators. The 21-year-old first rose to fame on Vine in 2013. Two years later, he was cast to play Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark, and in 2017 announced his exit from the show. Since then, Paul has focused on his YouTube channel, which has more than 17million subscribers. He's known for pulling outlandish stunts; however, he's also been in the media for domestic violence accusations made from fellow creator Alissa Violet.

What is Shane Dawson's The Mind of Jake Paul docu-series about?

At its surface, the docu-series is about its titular character, but it's about much more than that. "The subject isnt just jake paul. the subject is much much darker," Dawson wrote in a comment on Perez Hilton's YouTube channel before the series premiered, "and something you probably have dealt with with some of your ex friends.” At its core, the show addresses mental health, and if Jake and his brother Logan Paul may be sociopaths.

What does Jake's brother, Logan Paul, think of the series?

Logan seems to have mixed feelings about the series. The YouTube creator (who's endured a fair share of controversies himself) posted a response video that both praises Dawson and critiques him for his heavy focus on sociopathy, namely in the second episode.

What are other YouTubers saying about it?

Like Logan's response, the general reception to The Mind of Jake Paul is mixed, with the main complaint being his seeming insensitivity to mental health. Despite the critique, his first two videos have garnered more than 15 million views each, while his third has reached over 9 million in its first day (at time of writing). And there are plenty of YouTubers who love it.

How can I watch The Mind of Jake Paul?

You can watch the docu-series on Dawson's YouTube channel.

Watch the first three episodes of The Mind of Jake Paul below.


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