Steve Harvey's talents as a host of anything other than Family Feud took a huge hit on Sunday when he announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant.

It's a story so big that it's actually pushed Donald Trump off the internet grid (for at least a few hours).

So, how exactly did a seasoned pro like Harvey managed to royally screw up so much and reveal Miss Colombia was the winner when, in fact, the title had gone to Miss Philippines?

Truthfully, we may never know, but we now have a look at the card he read from when making the announcement:

While Harvey has gotten heat for his blunder -- and props for apologizing -- you gotta give credit to Miss Colombia, who exhibited grace under embarrassment.

The same can't totally be said for Harvey, who offered another punch in Miss Colombia's gut by misspelling the name of her country -- as well as the actual winner's -- in a tweet apologizing for his error (it was since fixed):

Video of Harvey yet again apologizing for the mishap has also emerged:

The incident continues to be a water cooler moment and has given plenty of material to the people of the internet, who might otherwise be bogged down trying to finish their Christmas shopping:

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