You know when you see these movies on TV you have to watch. Here are the one's Amarillo loves the most.

1. A Christmas Story: This is 1983 classic is a must every Christmas. Of course TBS runs it 24 hours on Christmas. So how can you miss it?

2. Back to the Future: In 1985 the first movie came out. This was the movie that set up a trilogy that is a big fan favorite.

3. Big: One the movies that made Tom Hanks a superstar. Of course the scene we all remember is the big floor keyboard.

4. Caddyshack: This is one of those movies with a lot of quotable lines. People will watch it again just to say their favorite line.

5. Friday: Another great movie from the 90's. This is 1995 comedy was one of Ice Cubes biggest movies and it launched Chris Tuckers career.

What is your favorite movie that can not get enough of? Tell us in the comment section below.





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