Oh mama: Over the weekend, Darren Aronofsky’s mother! joined an exclusive fraternity, when it became the latest film to receive an F rating from the polling service CinemaScore. Audiences, at least the ones that spoke to CinemaScore, weren’t mixed about Aronofsky’s new horror film, which stars Jennifer Lawrence as an unnamed woman married to a mysterious poet played by Javier Bardem. They straight-up hated it.

In the wake of the news, mother!’s distributor, Paramount PIctures, even released a statement, calling the film “audacious and brave” and noting that everyone “celebrates Netflix when they tell a story no one else wants to tell” and that this is their version of that. “It’s okay,” Paramount’s statement concluded, “if some people don’t like it.”

It seems like more than “some people” didn’t like mother!, but it’s a fair point. And looking down the list of films that have gotten an F from CinemaScore, you don’t see most of the worst movies of the recent past. There’s no Movie 43 (D), or Jonah Hex (C+), or The Emoji Movie (B), or Mother’s Day (B!) or Collateral Beauty (A-?!?!?). What you tend to see instead are movies that took bold risks, or turned out to be very different films than their marketing suggested, or went for extremely dark and disturbing endings.

Or, yes, some of them just plain stunk. Here are 13 movies that have received the CinemaScore F.

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