After watching just a few episodes of Teen Mom, you can figure out that Amber Portwood has some issues.  But pulling fraud on the government?  That is a new low.Teen Mom's Amber Portwood, who was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison, was evicted from her Indiana home last month for scamming the government.

Portwood was arrested right before Christmas and is walking a thin line.  Her 5 year prison sentence was pleaded out.  If she successfully completes a drug program, her sentence will disappear.

But the teen mom has some other problems ahead.  Government Fraud!  Amber was enrolled in the state's "Low Income Rental Housing Tax Credit Program," which means she would get subsidized housing since she claimed she made about $10,000 a year.

Well thanks to MTV, Ms Portwood is getting way more than $10,000 a year.  You can only fool the government so long before they figure it out, and they did.  She was evicted!

According to sources, Amber made $280,000 from MTV in 2010.  That is disgusting.  Not only does she get paid an insane amount of money to cry about her life, abuse drugs, and abuse her baby daddy-she has enough nerve to go on public housing.

They should make her serve those 5 years and MTV should donate her salary to veterans harmed in war or to a charity to prevent teen pregnancies.