We've all seen the new mural in downtown Amarillo, and the one that just had a ribbon cutting in the Barrio district. There are more popping up all over town.

Browsing through my Facebook news feed today, I came across some photos of new murals that are either completed or just getting started. One is on Western, the other is on 6th Street.

The first one is at the Edge Dance Studio at 34th and Western.

Rocking OT via Facebook
Rocking OT via Facebook

The Rocking OT will also be featuring murals as well. According to their post on Facebook, there will be one on each side of their building.

One side will show case the "old West," while the other highlights the "new West."

Personally, I think it's pretty nice to see murals going up across town in more locations. It's a cool way of "sprucing" up some of the neighborhoods in Amarillo. It's also a great way of showing off different aspects of what it means to "be from" Amarillo.

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