Could the adaptation of the long-running racing series 'Need For Speed' be the first great movie based on a video game? We're not going to make any wild and crazy guesses, but for the sake of star Aaron Paul, we certainly hope so. The 'Breaking Bad' star is headlining the film alongside Dominic Cooper and now we have our first look at the two of them in character.

EW scored the first look, which, strangely enough for a racing movie, doesn't feature a single car. However, it does give us a look at Paul (still looking very much like Jesse Pinkman), Cooper (looking smugly villainous), Kid Cudi and Dakota Johnson (who will soon be a huge deal since she was cast in '50 Shades of Grey'). Although the lack of automobiles is baffling, Paul made it clear that this movie will not only feature fast cars, it will feature fast cars without being a 'Fast and Furious' knock-off:

''This set was different than anything I've been on. You're walking through a very thick cloud of testosterone....It's really a throwback to the Steve McQueen era of car movies. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised.''

Although Paul doesn't get into details about the story of his film or his character, we know the basic gist of it. He plays a street racer who, betrayed by his former partner, enters a major race as part of a revenge scheme.

And you guessed it: Cooper's the bad guy who betrayed Paul, and Johnson is the former girlfriend who's shacked up with the baddie. Hopefully, all of the car racing will gloss over that seemingly familiar plot. When we spoke to Cooper about his role in 'Need For Speed' earlier this year, he made his character sound like a far more complicated villain than we'd expect from that set-up. Can we assume that there's more here than meets the eye?

'Need For Speed' will drive into theaters on March 14, 2014.


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