One thing the holidays tend to bring is the gathering of families. Some travel in from out of town, and some just get together since they're all in town. No matter how you look at it, families are a core part of the holidays.

While it's great to see family, it can get a BIT overbearing at times. Too many people in one place, maybe constant nagging from parents or something like that. After a few hours (or days in some cases), you just need to get away.

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The funny thing about it is you want to get away when nothing is open. The night of Christmas Eve and pretty much anytime after noon on Christmas Day seem to be the times when people are just begging to get out of the house.

Well, I've done a little searching to see what bars or restaurants will be open on those two days, and approximately when they will open their doors for you to get away.

On Christmas Eve, you can head over to Hooters for some wings and beer between 11 am to around 7 or 8 pm. House Divided will be serving up a full menu of food and alcohol until around 9 pm, which is where you'll probably find me hanging out at some point in my last minute shopping spree. Hummers will be open as well on Christmas Eve, however I'm not 100% sure when they'll be closing.

If it's Christmas day you need to get away, we know Slim's Pool Palace off Gerogia will be opening their doors at noon, so not only can you throw down some cold ones, but you can knock some balls around on the green felt as well.

If you decide to head out on either day, let me know, I'll probably join you.

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