Friday night marked the beginning of a tragedy for the American people — an electrical storm hit the East Coast and brought down Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram. You could practically hear the crazy stay-at-home cat people howling.

Come Saturday morning, old seasons of ’30 Rock’ went unwatched, people were forced to use real tack boards to pin everything they love, and breakfasts of scrambled eggs and toast couldn’t be photographed. Yes, we’re being a little dramatic here, but the whole situation was undoubtedly frustrating.

You have Mother Nature to blame for this mass inconvenience. A harsh electrical storm ripped through Ohio, Indiana, Washington, West Virginia and Virgina, leaving many without power to battle the accompanying heat, and six people were reportedly killed from the intense weather.

These three digital platforms all use Amazon Web Services for storing their companies’ data. When that went offline, the 404 and 502 error pages started popping up. And because these error pages were popping up, everyone executed Emergency Plan A (i.e. “Rush to Twitter and Express Your Discomfort”).

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