It has been a long while since Amarillo has had decent Cajun food.  Willie's Bayou was a great place and had the best etouffee, but sadly they closed the doors.  Bourbon Street was decent, but it wasn't the truest of Cajun.  Soon, Amarillo will see 3 new Cajun restaurants opening in town. 

Homemade Shrimp and Sausage Cajun Gumbo

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The Lazy Gator - Hillside and Bell

It will be the brainchild of Paul Turner and Micci Cole.  The restaurant will serve seafood and Cajun/Creole dishes.  Including po-boys and alligator and more.  Estimated opening October.

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The Lost Cajun Restaurant - Wolflin Square

Local restaurant owner Mike Fogiel, will be opening up the The Lost Cajun in early 2018.    The restaurant will feature po-boys, gator, beignets, many different gumbos, etouffee and jambalaya.   The Lost Cajun is a chain, but it will be a welcome restaurant in Amarillo

Last but not least, Chef Rory Schepisi, will be opening up The Drunken' Oyster, a cajun oyster bar.

What's your favorite Cajun food?

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