Can you smell that?  That's the smell of new music, fresh out the oven!  We're playing all the hottest new tracks this week from Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Pitbull and Carly Rae Jepsen!

I have a problem with this Justin Bieber song, Boyfriend.  My beef is not with the song it's self, it's with all the people that hate on it just because it's Bieber.  If I played this song and said it's by Justin Timberlake, everyone would love it and go nuts!  But since it's by Bieber, some people out there are just shutting it down and not giving it a chance.  I encourage you, give this new Bieber song a chance!  It's actually a really good song!  He's definitely not some little kid anymore, he's a young man and he deserves some credit.  I think if you listen to this song, you'll find yourself to be a closet-case Bieber fan.

How about some new T-Swizzel!  Taylor Swift returns to the radio with Eyes Open and I gotta say, it's opened my eyes!  I've seen the light, and it's a hot little blond girl with cat shaped eyes named Taylor Swift.  This girl can sing, write really good lyrics and play the guitar!  Shoot, that's hot!  Best part about this song, it's not your typical Taylor.  While it still has the country flare, it contains a hint of rock in the guitar riffs.  So kind of a new sound for Ms. Swift.

This new Pitbull track, Back In Time, actually samples a very old song from the late 50's called Love Is Strange from Mickey & Sylvia.  Hence the name back in time and the incredibly old-school sounding lyrics over the hook of the song.  It's also featured on the new MIB soundtrack, so you'll no doubt be seeing Will Smith chasing aliens while this song plays during the movie.

Brand new to the KISS-FM play-list, it's Carly Rae Jepsen and her new single Call Me Maybe.  I say "new" because this is off her 2nd studio album.  She has a previous album that she did very shortly after placing 5th on Canadian Idol.  Yeah that's right, there's a Canadian Idol.  Anyways, her first album didn't really grow any legs and take off running, that's why she's incredibly new to Americans, but has actually been around since 2007.  This song was actually released last year and really took off after the release of Curiosity back in February.

So there's the new tracks this week, as always give us your opinion, because this is YOUR play-list, not ours :)

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