We're breaking out the new jams this week on 96.9 KISS-FM and here's your sneak peek!  We'll get all up in your ear-hole with a new one from Usher called ClimaxB.O.B. hits the airwaves with So Good and we'll hit ya with a new one from the up and coming band, FUN, called We Are Young.

I'll start with what is by far my favorite new song to the play-list!  The band is called FUN and this new song might seem a little familiar to you, as it has been used in a Chevrolet tv campaign for the all new Chevy Sonic.  This song builds, climaxes and makes me wanna come back for more!  Makes me feel young again and gets me ready for a big night of partying!



B.O.B. has never let me down with his sound and this new track stays true to what he's always delivered in songs like Magic, Nuthin on You and Airplanes.  This new track, So Good, has the good overall sound always delivered.  The hook is hypnotic and will leave you in a state where you just feel soooo gooooood!



Last but by no means least, it's the latest single from Usher called Climax.  Usher can sing and he demonstrates his ability to hit the high notes in this new jam.  It's slow but fast, leaving your mind kind of confused, but still glad you heard it!

As always, it's up to you!  What songs stay and what songs go away?  Take our poll and tell us your favorite new song to the play-list this week :)

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