Yes, we know. There are already a ton of different phone and email scams out there, and at this point, we feel like we know about all of them here in Texas.

Problem is, there is now a new one happening here and it's downright scary if you have children.

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This scam is a phone-based scam, and if you are away from your kids for any reason, it will send you into a full-on panic if you receive this call.

I'll start by saying the phone number is coming from Monterrey, NL. NL stands for Nuevo León, a state in Mexico. The phone number will most likely begin with 52. More than likely, this call will also be in Spanish, so if you don't understand the language, you won't know what they're saying.

The scam is a person telling you that they currently have your child. Yes, kidnapped. That will send you into an immediate panic, right?

According to the person I spoke with, the kidnapper gave a location that was near her saying her kid had stolen $50,000 and not to call the police. They also mention they're working with the cartel.

The scammer then says they're keeping half of the stolen money, and was willing to take an additional $300 to return the child.

The caller is extremely aggressive with their tone and will truly make you believe they have your child. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! They're unable to tell you the child's name when they call and will deflect when you ask.

They also may call impersonating an officer, so be aware of that as well.

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