Jay Z gets booed. Joe Jonas is scared of the Presidential election. Nicki Minaj donates a song to Donald Trump.  Read these stories in this week's music news.Hollywoodlife.com claims Beyonce's fans booed Jay Z before her concert in Miami. A source tells the site: “Jay Z’s getting an awful reception in Miami that would make even LeBron James feel bad. Everywhere HOV goes, people are looking at him with a stank face. Hell, even random fans boo him when he’s in public because they think he cheated on Bey. He’s definitely feeling the Miami heat and it’s hotter than the city’s humid hell.”

DNCE's Joe Jonas tells ID magazine that the presidential election is scary. "I think it's definitely entertaining and a little scary… to be honest we just try to focus on the music, as cliche as it sounds. It's obviously a major concern but at the end of the day, we still get to be musicians."

Contact Music claims Nicki Minaj was recently performing in New York when she dedicated Anaconda to Donald Trump. She said: "I'm very political and I would like to dedicate a song in the spirit of unity to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Who do you think likes the biggest butts? Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Trump?"