Cuts and bruises may have healed since a January bar fight in which Nick Carter allegedly attacked and tried to choke a bouncer, but the financial wound has only deepened.

According to TMZCarter, who was arrested for misdemeanor battery after a battle at the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West, has settled with the bouncer with a six-figure deal. The site also says the pop star can scrub the charge from his record if he completes 25 hours of community service, making the whole event just a bad memory.

In January, TMZ reported Carter and friend Michael Papayans arrived at the bar completely drunk. The staff refused to serve them and kicked them out — then, once in the parking lot, either Carter or Papayans sucker punched someone on the Hog's Breath staff in protest. Papayans proceeded to allegedly headbutt the place’s manager before Carter allegedly grabbed the bouncer by the throat, but neither was a match for their opponents, who restrained them by the time police arrived.

Only three months earlier, Carter had told PopCrush he'd cleaned up his act, and was moving past his vices.

"I’ve gone through my hardships and I realize I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity to go out there and show the good side of Nick Carter versus the bad – versus the alcohol, the drugs, the women, the old life," he said. "Now that the bad stuff isn’t overshadowing the good, I’m able to show right now."

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