Nick Jonas consistently ups the standards of his music — including his new video for "Chains."

In the visual, Nick embraces Miami nightlife, partying in the street and casually smoking a cigar. The most colorful element of the video (besides the scantily clad dancers' outfits), is the paint that is smeared all over Nick. Hey, it's art, and he wears it well.

According to MTV, Nick teamed up with directors Black Coffee and artist Peter Tunney (they directed "Jealous") to film the video at the Wynwood Walls in Miami.

The latest "Chains" video is yet another step in Nick's "maturing" process. (Hel-lo, NSFW Kingdom love scenes!) He also drew attention to his muscled physique in a crotch-grabbing editorial shoot last fall. And then there was that time that he gave a tutorial on how to properly grab one's own crotch.

Of course, we would be remiss to not mention Nick's first "Chains" video, which dropped last July. That gray-tinged visual saw Nick slowly being dragged across a floor and falling through the sky. It was artistic and definitely a statement for the singer, but is completely different from this new, colorful version of the song.

No word from Nick on why he chose to remake his "Chains" video eight months after releasing the original, although he did tweet out an excellent comparison of himself and Fairly Oddparents character Chip Skylark, both completely wrapped in chains. Now that would have been a cool inspiration for his video.

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