It’s looks like Roman is taking a holiday. After a hectic touring schedule, Nicki Minaj canceled her weekend U.K. concerts at the V Festival in England so she can rest her vocal cords.

According to a statement released by her publicist (via The Hollywood Reporter), the rapper had “strained her vocal cords” and after X-ray tests, doctors ordered her to rest for several days. Her rep explains, “Despite doctor’s orders, she performed on a bruised vocal [cord] in New York on August 14. As a result, the [cord] has gotten worse.”

Minaj performed on the Today Show on Aug. 14 as part of the program’s Toyota Summer Concert Series and no one could tell that she had problems with her voice. Later that night, Minaj held a free concert for her Barbz to make up for her Summer Jam no-show this past June. She brought out a numbered of surprised guests including Drake, Lil Wayne and her idol Foxy Brown.

Meanwhile, Minaj is set to appear on her boss’ latest project, the ‘Dedication 4′ mixtape. Weezy postponed the release last week because we wasn’t finished recording it, yet, but he hopes to have it ready this week.

Minaj says that she had to fight her way onto Wayne’s mixtape project. “We had this crazy little spat — I actually got on footage and I’ll show the fans really soon,” she says. “But he’s working on the mixtape and I said, ‘Excuse me, I need to be on that mixtape,’ and he said, ‘Aight, whatever you wanna do.’ So I just went into the other room and recorded on this particular beat that I’m sure my fans are gonna be very happy that I touched. I’m really excited for the kids to hear.”

So while Minaj rests her vocals, her Barbz can expect a crazy new freestyle from the queen. Get well, Nicki!

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