We all know women you love to wear low cut blouses and show off some major cleavage.  Naturally men are going to look.  Well ex-PussyCat Doll Nicole Scherzinger catches Conan O'brien taking a little peek.

In these types of situations, I totally side with men.  Women know what they are doing when they wear low cut shirts.  I understand that sometimes women can't help it, but most of the time they are well aware.  In fact, I think some women do it just to get the looks.

Well while making an appearance on Conan's show, Nicole calls him out.  His response, "Did you not think I was going to look?

I love how he owned it.  He got busted and then expressed how he really felt.  Hilarious.   Here is the video for you to check out yourself.  Tell me what you think.


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